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RocketFire Pizza Co
January 19,
Coal Fired In Covington, LA
Regional Styles

The Woodstone oven is a mosaic tile covered showpiece with a gas burner on the right side of the oven, and a coal fire burning on the left. This is only the second oven from this manufacturer that I have seen in operation, and it did produce a pizza with some pleasantly surprising irregular char spots.

The toppings were well balanced on the pies and the crust is improving. After a second try I was able to watch some more pizzas cook, and get a better feel for what this oven could ideally produce. The is clearly a work in progress, and is improving into something really good. The sauce that was the weakest part of my first visit, is now worthy component, and the cheese has been consistently enjoyable.


This pie is shaping up to be the most worthy coal fired pie that I've had in the South. It is balanced in its toppings, carefully made, and is the best pizza that I have found on the Northshore. From what I gather from the day shift pizzaiolos there are ongoing tweaks, and this spot needs another look in the near future.
After trying a couple of Southern coal fired pizzas places, there appeared to be some natural law preventing this style from being replicated properly south of the Mason Dixon line. Hearing the words “coal fired” in the initial fanfare surrounding the opening of RocketFire pizza just north of New Orleans in Covington was enough to spark at least a slight optimistic curiosity.

1950 N. Hwy 190, Covington, LA 70433